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Our Current Cigar Listing

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Cigar Mild Medium Full
A.J. Fernandez - Enclave x
A.J. Fernandez - Last Call x
A.J. Fernandez - New World x x
Acid - 1400 CC x
Acid - Acid One x
Acid - Blondie x
Acid - C Notes x
Acid - Cold Infusion x
Acid - Deep Dish x
Acid - Extraordinary Larry x
Acid - Kuba Grande x
Acid - Kuba Kuba x
Acid - Kuba Maduro x
Acid - The Upsetters x
Acid - Windy City x
Alec Bradley -  Lineage x
Alec Bradley - Coyol x x
Alec Bradley - Maxx x x
Alec Bradley - Prensado x
Alec Bradley - Sanctum x
Alec Bradley - Tempus x x
Arturo Fuente - Casa Cuba x x
Arturo Fuente - Don Carlos x
Arturo Fuente - Hemmingway x x
Arturo Fuente - Magnum R x
Arturo Fuente - Opus X x
Ashton - ESG x x
Ashton - Maduro x
Ashton - Natura x
Ashton - Symmetry x x
Ashton - VSG x
Asylum - Chele x
Asylum - Insidious x x
Avo - Classic x x
Avo - Domaine x
Avo - Heritiage x
Avo - Nicaragua Fogata   x  
Avo - Original x x
Avo - Syncro x x
Avo - XO x
Baccarat x
Black Label - Benediction x x
Black Label - Redemption x x
Black Label - Salvation x x
Black Label -Last Rites x x
Brickhouse - Classic x
Brickhouse - Maduro x x
C.A.O. - Brazilia x x
C.A.O. - Gold x
C.A.O. - MX2 x
Caldwell - Blind Man's Bluff x
Caldwell - Blind Man's Bluff x
Caldwell - Las Mareas   x x
Caldwell - Le Careme   x  
Caldwell - Long Live the King x
Caldwell - Midnight Express x
Caldwell - The King is Dead x
Caldwell - Savages   x x
Camacho - Connecticut x
Camacho - Corojo x x
Camacho - Criollo x
Camacho - Checksix     x
Camacho - Ditka x
Camacho - Ditka - Throwback   x  
Camacho - Ecuador x x
Camacho - Powerband x x
Camacho - Triple Maduro x
C.L.E. Chele x x  
C.L.E. Prieto   x x
Cohiba x
Curivari x x
Diamond Crown - Crown x x
Diamond Crown - Julius Cesar x x
Diamond Crown - Maximus x x
Don Pepin / My Father - Black Label x
Don Pepin / My Father - Blue Label x
Don Pepin / My Father - Centurion x
Don Pepin / My Father - Flor de las Antillas x
Don Pepin / My Father - La Bijou x
Don Pepin / My Father - La Duena x
Don Pepin / My Father - My Father Connecticut x
Don Pepin / My Father - My Father Original x
Drew Estate - Liga Privada #9 x
Drew Estate - Undercrown x x
E.P. Carrillo x
Edgar Hoill x
El Rey Del Mundo  - Oscuro x x
Four Kicks x x
Gurkha - Cellar Reserve x
Gurkha - Ghost x x
Gurkha - Havana Blend x
Gurkha - Heritage Collection x
Gurkha - Red Witch x
Gurkha - Seduction x
H. Upmann - Cameroon x x
H. Upmann - Maduro x x
Henry Clay - Stalk Cut x
Hoyo Excalibur - Monterrey x x
Illusione - 15 x
Illusione - 10th Anniversary x x  
Illusione - 2 x
Illusione - 88 x
Illusione - 888 x
Illusione - MJ12 x x
Illusione - MK x
Illusione - Ultra x
Island Jim x
Jaime Garcia x x
Java - Latte x
Java - Maduro x
Java - Maduro Mint x
Jericho Hill x x
Kentucky Fire Cured x
Kristoff - Cameroon x x
Kristoff - Connecticut x
Kristoff - Corojo x x
Kristoff - Criollo x
Kristoff - Habano x x
Kristoff - Maduro x
Kristoff - Pistoff Kristoff   x x
Kristoff - San Andres x x
La Aroma de Cuba - Classic x x
La Aroma de Cuba - Mi Amor x x
La Aroma de Cuba - Reserve x x
La Aurora - 107 x
La Aurora - Cameroon x x
La Aurora - Connecticut x x  
La Aurora - Corojo x  x
La Aurora - Diamond x x
La Aurora - Emerald x x
La Flor Dominicana x x
La Flor Dominicana - La Nox   x  
La Gloria Cubana - Series R x x
La Imperiosa x x
La Palina- Goldie (Limited Edition)   x  
La Palina- Illumination   x x
La Palina- KB x x
La Palina- KB2 x x
La Palina- Red Label x
L'Atelier - La Mission x x
L'Atelier - Maduro x x
Leaf by Oscar - Connecticut x
Leaf by Oscar - Maduro x
Leaf by Oscar - Sumatra x x
Macanudo x
Maker's Mark x
Mason Dixon x
Montecristo - Classic Series x
Montecristo - Espada x
Montecristo - Groupo de Maestros x
Montecristo - White Series x x
Montesino - Maduro x
Montesino - Natural x
Nestor Miranda - Connecticut x
Nestor Miranda - Corojo x x  
Nestor Miranda - Habano x x
Nestor Miranda - Maduro x x
Nub - Café x
Nub - Cain x x
Nub - Cameroon x
Nub - Connecticut x
Nub - Habano x x
Nub - Maduro x
Oliva - Cameroon x
Oliva - Master 3 Blend Liga Maestra x
Oliva - Melanio x
Oliva - Serie V Liga Especial x
Padron - 1926 Annivesary x
Padron - 1964 Anniversary x
Padron - Classic x x
Padron - Damaso x
Padron - Hammer Family Reserve x
Partagas - Black Label x x
Partagas - Original x x
Perdomo - 10th Anniversary x
Perdomo - Champagne Noir x
Perdomo - Habano Corojo x x
Perdomo - Lot 23 x x
Perdomo - Maduro Burbon Barrel Aged x
Perdomo -Habano x
Perla del Mar x
Punch - Gran Cru x
Punch - Originals x x
Rocky Patel - 15th Anniversary x x
Rocky Patel - 20th x
Rocky Patel - Aged 12 Years x
Rocky Patel - B52 x
Rocky Patel - Battalion x
Rocky Patel - Cameroon x x
Rocky Patel - Catch 22 x
Rocky Patel - Decade x
Rocky Patel - Ligero x
Rocky Patel - Prohibition x
Rocky Patel - Sun Grown x x
Rocky Patel - The Edge  ( Light) x
Rocky Patel - The Edge  (Corojo) x x
Rocky Patel - The Edge  (Maduro) x
Rocky Patel - The Edge  (Sumatra) x x
Rocky Patel - Vintage 1992 x x
Rocky Patel - Vintage 1999 x
Romeo y Julieta x x
Room 101 - Connecticut Payback x
Room 101 - Hueso x
Room 101 - Payback x
San Crisotbal - Quintessence   x x
Tabak Especial - Maduro x
Tabak Especial - Natural x
Tatiana - Cherry x
Tatiana - Chocolate x
Tatiana - Cinnamon x
Tatiana - Groovy Blue x
Tatiana - Mocha x
Tatiana - Rum x
Tatiana - Vanilla x
Tatuaje - Black x x
Tatuaje - Fausto x x
Tatuaje - Original x x
Tatuaje - Red Line x
Tatuaje - Reserva x
Tatuaje - Tatoo x x
Viva Republic x
Carmack's House Blend x x
Casa de Garcia x x
Cheap Ass Cigars x x
Factory Throwouts x
Great Cigars x x
Kristoff Premium Selection x
Oliva Bundles x x
Quorum x

Last Updated: 9.30.2016


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