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We currently have 39 lockers in our shop for rent (36 small lockers and 3 large lockers). The annual rental fee for small lockers is $125 and the annual rental fee for large lockers is $150.  In addition to a year's rental, you will receive a 20% off all purchases including accessories (not including full boxes and bundles).

Rent is due upon commencement of the annual contract which begins September 1st of every year. You will receive a key to your locker as well as a nameplate. After one year you will have the option of renewing your locker or giving up your locker to folks on our waiting list.

If you'd like to rent a locker from us, please click here and fill out our online locker rental request form indicating what locker type you are interested in and we will notify you as to the availability of the locker or place you on our waiting list.

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December 18, 2021

Padrón Cigars
11am - 5pm

Click here for details!

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carmackscigars Just posted a photo @ Downtown Noblesville https://t.co/um0rFUVqr6
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carmackscigars Just posted a photo @ Downtown Noblesville https://t.co/87MRGJ4zeQ
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carmackscigars Tatuaje Advent Calendars still available. $200. Call for shipping#cigar#cigars#cigaraficionado#cigarsociety#cigarpo… https://t.co/Kv74EXLWSr
carmackscigars Just posted a photo @ Downtown Noblesville https://t.co/9XSvnUmfeF

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